About Cotswold Select

We are committed to championing the best of local independent businesses so you can get the best trade or professional in the area and an exceptional job every time.

Our network of amazing businesses, recommended by you and your neighbours, are the best of the bunch. Not every business is a 5 star Select business but the good news is on this site they are.

68% of buyers seek reviews from previous customers before they settle on the business they will use. CotswoldXL’s powerful TrustindeX software brings all these reviews together on the Cotswold Select site and sits them neatly in front of you; making an informed decision easier than ever.

To help you find the best team for the job you’ll find examples of previous jobs completed and all the contact details you need and when the job is done you get the opportunity to review our Select Businesses yourself so others will benefit too.

What’s not to like?