About CotswoldXL

CotswoldXL is an all new and exciting multimedia promotions company that was conceived to drive profitable business to some of the best independents in the area whilst returning an enviable return on investment. (ROI). It is a subscription service that is designed to be an invaluable business tool. No onerous contracts. No unexpected bills.

A team of talented experts bring experience spanning digital marketing, online and offline promotions, advertising and sales. Your own multi-talented marketing team at a fraction of the cost that you might expect.

The CotswoldXL team is a heady mix of the latest technology, machine learning and keen entrepreneurial brains with your profit as their target.

The Cotswold Select site is a small but powerful part of the Marketing Strategy that we have planned for your business. Firstly we showcase your business on the Cotswold Select website graphically illustrating just what makes your service special.

We dynamically list every review your business has ever received utilising the mightily powerful CotswoldXL TrustindeX software. Reviews are collated from the giants of the web and dynamically updated everyday.

“Half a million customer reach on your doorstep”

68% of buyers seek reviews from previous customers before they settle on the business they will use. We pull all those reviews together in one place and sit them neatly in front of your buying audience – a massive local reach of almost half a million customers on your doorstep.

TrustindeX doesn’t stop there it allows you to automatically build more and more trust as your business grows by encouraging and collecting reviews on recommendations on all of these major platforms building your business profile and connecting you throughout the web.

At first glance you may consider that we are merely mimicking Check-A-Trade, My Builder, Trusted Trader or a myriad of others that hit our television screens and your in-box daily.

You’d be very wrong.  Our XL services include email marketing, social media management, web building and promotion, copywriting and public relations (PR) , brand extension , corporate clothing and more.

If you would like your business to go Extra Large then pop over to our Facebook page to find out just how different we are and just how large we can make you!